A lunch break drag race

Posted by DFP Staff

Every once in a while we get crazy ideas.  That’s so hard to believe, right?

Every once in a while we actually get to follow through with our crazy ideas.  Okay, and we’re not just talking about the big crazy ideas like throwing people off of the tallest building in town or ice skating outdoors in Fresno.  Those things are so big and well planned out that by the time we’ve done them they seem normal, perfectly rational and the fun spur of the moment excitement is replaced with a the excitement of anticipation.

car race

Today we just had a crazy idea and everything was in place.  We looked out our window and we saw the cutest little girl cruising the mall in a Disney princess jeep. And then we saw our golf cart just sitting there, begging for a race.  Within seconds we’d volunteered our intern Rich to drive and we were there at the starting line, revving our engine.  Or whatever it is you do with a golf cart.  Our worthy opponent Serenity rose to the challenge.



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