Restaurant of the Week: Zamora Taqueria

Posted by DFP Staff


At first glance Zamora Taqueria may seem rather unassuming.  It’s just a little red building on Divisidero at Broadway that you might miss if you weren’t looking.  Which would be a shame, Zamora Taqueria is the home of some of the most amazing pupusas in Fresno, as well as other Salvadorean cuisine.


We had to first take advantage of a sassy red wall before ordering.






The menu is all in dry erase and you’ll probably want to try everything on it.  Seriously.  The wait can be a little long because each pupusa is hand made right there in front of you.  zamoras07

We brought our haul back to the office and began our feast in the conference room.



Here’s what we ordered:


Mitch had Loroco, which is actually a flower, guys!  In his words “Wow, that hairy flower is good!”



Steve had an asada burrito and a bean and cheese pupusa.


Kim had a veggie burrito that was the size of a newborn.  She even cooed at it a little.


…and then savagely bit into it.  Bad mom!



Gretchen had pollo and zucchini pupusas.  “I already want to go back for dinner” was what she said her first bite in.


Rocio ordered Revuelta and Pollo pupusas.

The cabbage is the best part, which received rave reviews like “Slawsome”- Gretchen and “Slaw-inspiring”- Steve.

If you’ve never been, it’s time to go.  You can get out of there for under $15 for two people and be full for the rest of the day.  Zamora Taqueria is located at 619 E Divisadero St.  Order ahead to save time: (559) 266-2235




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