Prom: It gets better with age

Posted by Gretchen Moore


There’d been a lot of talk leading up to Saturday’s Prom Rewind so I went into the event with pretty high expectations, and it didn’t disappoint.  I really enjoyed my first prom 20 years ago (yikes! Has it been that long?! When did I get so old!?), but re-doing prom made me realize that there are a lot of reasons to love prom the second time around:

1. Sure I have crow’s feet, but I don’t have a curfew!  And, when you go to prom as a grown up, you can enjoy wine and mimosas during your pre-prom mani/pedi/facial/massage.


Unlike high school, this prom came with a fully-stocked bar!

2. Less pressure on the finding the perfect date: This time, I got to go to Prom with my awesome sister who was visiting from Cleveland. For months, she’s been listening to me talk about how cool and fun Fresno is, and how great the people are. I was so happy we got to spend her last night in town experiencing so much cool, fun greatness all in one place.


That’s Megan, in the standard in-front-of-the-door prom pic. We used a Christmas decoration in lieu of flowers.

3.  At Prom Rewind, you get to see your work friends all decked out in prom finery!


DFP Ambassador Lee and his girlfriend Elizabeth enjoy a night on the town!

4.       Adults don’t have the energy for petty drama so Prom Rewind was completely drama free.


Megan’s such a good sport – she volunteered to reenact everyone’s favorite prom memory: Girl Crying in the Corner!

5. It’s a medical fact: If your parents show up at your high school prom, you will die of embarrassment. But David Holland (a grown-up!) survived his parents attending this prom. In fact, they danced the night away and were voted Prom King & Queen!


6. Cheesy decorations in the high school gym are a thing of the past! As an adult, the people doing the decorating have real skills and real resources resulting in incredible decorations with amazing lighting and centerpieces from Casual Glitz, Twee and Touch of Summer.


7. Members of Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals (FLYP)  received a discount on tickets which freed up a bit of cash for lots of extra trips to the photo booth!


So thank you to the Pacific Southwest Building for hosting a wonderful event that reminded me that being a grown up doesn’t have to be a drag!



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