To Know a Downtowner: Michelle Wong

Posted by Kim Schoelen


Name: Michelle Wong


Occupation: Bartender…?


What brings you downtown? The Downtown Fresno community is so welcoming and friendly; you visit Alvaro and Emily rather than go to Misc. You visit Darren to fix your bike not just Fulton Cycle Works. You visit Ralph to fix your shoes not Fulton Shoes. You visit Rachel to make you a smoothie not Revive Cafe.


What keeps you downtown? There is relational simplicity in it that cannot be replaced by anything.


What was your favorite downtown moment? My favorite downtown moment….every time someone leaves with a huge smile on their face. Whether that is sitting with a friend over a pint, going to an amazing event like the Catacomb Party or enjoying the sunshine with pie in hand at Cart Hop. It’s the little tile pieces that create a beautiful intricate mosaic.


What do you think the biggest challenge is for downtown? The biggest challenge for downtown at the moment is keeping up the momentum. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor can we expect to have downtown revitalized in two years. We have to be realistic, steadfast and supportive of one another.


If you could have any celebrity (real or fictional) hang out in a downtown spot with you for one day, who would they be and where would you take them? I would hang out with my Great Aunt Inez. She grew up in Fresno as a little girl and had really fond memories of the valley and of the Fulton Mall.


If you could dedicate a song to downtown, what would it be? Downtown by Tom Waits


Aside from downtown, what are you passionate about? I moved to Fresno to be near one of the most beautiful places I know; Calvin Crest Conferences. It is an organization that connects people with people and people with nature through amazing outdoor experiences. If I could I would sit under a dogwood tree on the Shadow of the Giants trail all summer long.


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