Catacomb Party

Posted by Kim Schoelen

Catacomb Party.  What can I say?  Biggest party ever?  Doesn’t even cover it.

Seriously, 40 musical acts all scattered throughout the Fulton Mall over a 12 hour period.  Live mural painting.  Beer, oh beer.  A handmade market and a line of mouthwatering food trucks.  An indoor pop-up lounge hosted in a building that is for lease with a DJ and the pinnacle of downtown fashion- Misc. all set up ready to send you home in better clothes than you came in.  Skateboarding demos.  The iBike Fresno Bike Valet.  I saw someone doing charcoal portraits on the sidewalk.  All of the friends.  Oh god, I hugged so many sweaty people my arms ache and I can’t lift them.

I’ll admit, after six hours I headed home, which is why I’m blogging instead of still partying.  Give me a break, I’m still recovering from Summer Death Cold 2013.  But those six hours, man.  It was hot and no one even cared.

I’m exhausted and happy and thankful that Fresno is a place where things like this can happen and people come out in mass and are wonderful to each other.  Here’s a few photos I got of the day.  Did you go to Catacomb Party?  What were you favorite moments?













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  1. My favorite part was seeing Fulton Mall transformed into a vibrant, happening place. I’ve never seen so many of my friends in one place. Beautiful job Catacomb Crew!

  2. mike schwabenland July 21, 2013 — 3:34 pm

    i have ton’s of great shots of the catacomb party…let me know if kate and your crew wants me to send you the batch….i have about 250 color-corrected shots….thanks…

    mike schwabenland

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