Restaurant of the Week: George’s Shish Kebab

Posted By DFP Staff

This week our tastebuds took us to George’s Shish Kebab in The Galleria.  And with Mitch, our office dude, on vacation we really put the “Gal” in Galleria.  If you’ve never been to The Galleria it’s about time you checked it out.  Located at N and Capitol, it’s a beautiful space filled with great dining options for your lunch break.  We were joined by Kim’s Mom, Carol, who is becoming a regular part of our lunch bunch and today she also served the important role of  “Table Saver” for us.  The thing about George’s- it’s busy.  Lots of activity, constant waitstaff rushing by with orders, a steady stream of customers coming and going and a very popular lunch hour.

Despite the bustle, food comes out quickly.  And it’s good.  Oh it’s good.  You’ll probably leave with garlic breath, but it’s so delicious you’re not even going to care.

So here it is: our lunch in pictures.


This isn’t their menu.  This is the magical white board of specials.  But what really got Kim and Gretchen stoked was the realization that George’s head chef is named Fred.  And then the ridiculous Harry Potter fangirl squealing that happened right after. (And if you’re fangirl squealing too, check this link out.)


Kim’s Mom had the tri-tip.  It was divine, even though she did have some trouble keeping it all in the pocket bread!


Rocio had the Chicken plate which was perfect.


Gretchen made quite a lot of noise about how good her chicken salad was.  She was seriously into this salad, guys.


Cole ordered a vegetarian cold plate, but added rice and avocado and grilled veggies instead of the yalanche and pocket bread.  georges05

Kim also had a Vegetarian Cold Plate, and it was just garlicky enough and the eggplant was so tender and flavorful!


At lunch hour it gets a little noisy in the restaurant, lucky us we’re all experts at lip reading and telepathy.


And as we were leaving we got one last little surge of joy- I Believe in Downtown Fresno signs in every window along the Galleria!

Drop by George’s for breakfast sometime, too.  It’s said to be one of the best in town!


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