Restaurant of the Week: Mediterranean Grill and Cafe

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We were super stoked about this week’s Restaurant of the Week.  Seriously, The Mediterranean Grill and Cafe gets rave reviews all the time.  It’s always busy.  It’s always a favorite.  We piled into Kim’s car and got uncomfortably close (and narrowly avoided her playing her new Hanson album for all of us to hear) as we began our mythic epic journey to find ourselves some grub.


We arrived and only had a short wait for a table. Let’s be perfectly clear on this- Mediterranean may be busy as heck, but they are so well staffed that there’s not a huge wait to be seated.  It’s impressive to watch their staff buzz around quickly and efficiently without ever once getting in each other’s way.



Also impressive: OMIGOSH their glasses are HUGE!  We took a lot (too much) of joy in this.  Really.  We were giddy about it.


Cole ordered Babaganoush and shared it graciously.  If she hadn’t, we would have ungraciously stolen it from her.  That stuff was GOOD.


aaaand here’s her yummy lunch plate!  Chicken!  Veggies!  Pilaf!




Rocio ordered Mediterranean Chicken.  This was also her first time with Mediterranean food.  She was a fan!



Gretchen chose the Chicken Kebab.  It was glorious.



Kim was elated that the vegetarian plate was entirely vegan.  And she ate it voraciously.


Mitch ordered the gyro, Yum!

We really enjoyed our lunch, we almost forgot how crazy-hot it was outside.  Head on over to try Mediterranean Grill and Cafe for yourself- trust us, you won’t falafel about it.  1031 U Street.



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  1. This is one of my favoritest places ever! Best Mediterranean food I’ve had… glad you checked it out!

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