Restaurant of the Week- Yogurt Etc.

Posted by DFP Staff

We’ve dropped the plate on Restaurant of the Week for a few weeks and almost did this week until we realized it was Yogurt Etc and we were all starving and would probably end up running there anyway for quick hot dogs.  They’ve only been open for a month and they already have some serious customer loyalty going on.

That’s the beauty of Yogurt Etc.  You can go during the lunch rush and still have your dog in hand within 5 minutes.  There aren’t many places  that can boast that turn-around despite a full house.  And if you have have time you can chow down at one of the outdoor tables, let your dog settle and then run in for round two- yogurt!  We decided to go with that option and sat around and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.  We were back to the office before the lunch hour even dreamed of being over and we all had tasty frozen confections to chomp down on as we walked back!

So, a lunch in photographs!

Mitch’s Kosher Dog
Kim’s Vegan Dog with Vegetarian Chili. And lots of onions because she loves being that girl with bad breath.
Kate’s Frito Boat with Vegetarian Chili and about 3 lbs of jalapenos. Incidentally, she uses Maalox instead of cream in her coffee.
EGGS. IN A CUP. Cole’s mind was blown with this awesomely portable brunch. See our instagram video of it here.
Angel’s Louisiana Hot Dog. Spiiiicy!
Rocio and Angel were spicy lunch twins with their matching Louisiana Hot Dog meals.



And now, for some yogurty goodness.


The beauty of Yogurt Etc. is that they are a choose-your-own-adventure yogurt shop.  The possibilities are pretty much limitless.  Heck, you could technically get it for breakfast and justify it by mixing in granola. (Not that any of us have ever done that…)  It’s also fun to see how everyone chooses to top their dessert. Here’s what we had:

Angel’s looks scrumptious with a cherry on top!
Kim’s looks a bit like a sorbet/unicorn explosion.
Cookie Dough and Yogurt Chips! YUM…


…which Kate was only too happy to show who’s the boss.
The office that yogurts together…

We encourage you to check out Yogurt Etc, like you needed any extra impetus from us after all of those glamour shots! Check them out on Facebook, or just head on down to 2311 Kern.


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