To know a downtowner- David Holland

Posted by Kim Schoelen

If you spend any amount of time in Downtown Fresno you’re bound to start seeing some of the same faces over and over again, sometimes sipping coffee and other times shaking things up.  These are the downtowners, and to know them is to love them.  Follow along as we introduce the people who make up our beloved downtown in our new blog series “To know a downtowner.”


Our first downtowner is also the biggest nerd in Downtown Fresno history. He’s fun, he’s brilliant and there isn’t a mean bone in his body.  He brings the geek level up in downtown by hosting gaming nights and Dr. Who nights at Fresno Brewing Company and he has a strong community connection, having been volunteering with NFTE for three years and also being a member of Fresno Citizens for a Strong Economy.  And just wait until you see the way he answers our questions.  Introducing… David Holland!

Holland is Downtown Chic in his shirt from Misc. Trading Co and I Believe in Downtown Fresno tee. Strike a pose!

Name: David “Downtown” Holland

Occupation: Events and Marketing Coordinator at the Pacific Southwest Building, Vice President of ZAPPCON Central California’s Pop Culture Phenomenon.


What brings you downtown?

Culture, art, food, work.

 What keeps you downtown?

The people and the positive energy.

What was your favorite downtown moment?

When Godzilla fought Mothra and it took the combined forces of all the super powered downtowners to defeat them both and drive them away from the city.

 What do you think the biggest challenge is for downtown?

Convincing people of safety and parking.


If you could have any celebrity (real or fictional) hang out in a downtown spot with you for one day, who would they be and where would you take them?

I would hang out with the Doctor (Doctor Who) for the day. Mind you the Doctor is a time traveling alien so a day can last a lifetime. We would first visit the Fulton Mall on September 1st, 1964 when the Mall was dedicated. We would enjoy all the Mall had to offer when it was a fresh new idea and second in the country. Then we would travel to the present day to enjoy Cart Hop and a beer at Fresno Brewing Co. Later we would travel just 5 years in the future when the mall has been reopened to traffic and is a bustling main street. We would hit up the fun little shops along the Mall like the comic book store, the game shop, and a cafe or two. We would later have dinner at one of the many amazing bistros offering local organically grown food. Last we would end the night with some drinks and dancing at one of the cool downtown hotspots with the rest of my friends and all the other amazing downtown people!


If you could dedicate a song to downtown, what would it be?

Downtown by Petula Clark

 Aside from downtown, what are you passionate about?

Comic books, gaming, trying to be green, and making Fresno a nerdier/geekier place with ZAPPCON and other things of that nature.



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