Restaurant of the Week: Parsley Garden Cafe

Posted by DFP Staff


Before we get started with our restaurant of the week, first we have to share this photo that makes our lunch bunch look tough, like really tough.  Like we’re gonna start a fight.  With a sandwich.

Which we did.  We just tore our lunch up.

I’m sure you can hear the intro to Reservoir Dogs playing as you look at this. Do not mess with a bunch of really hungry office staff.


We took to Parsley Garden Cafe today, located at 1237 Fulton Mall.


Parsley Garden Cafe is a very popular lunch spot, offering crisp salads, savory sandwiches and delicious burgers.  You can even get breakfast and coffee drinks, if you’re so inclined.  They serve up breakfast favorites until 11:00 AM.


We were hungry though, as mentioned.  Instead of arriving at 11:30, we were there closer to 1:00. Nothing was gonna keep us away from savory lunch glory.


Parsley Garden is a small cafe, so we decided to go next door to Fresno Brewing Company to enjoy our lunch and each other’s company.


Plus, they have sparkling orange stuff at FBC.


Rocio’s BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger.


Angel’s Chicken Bacon Ranch.


Mitch’s BLT.


Gretchen’s Harvest Chicken Salad


Lauren’s Harvest Chicken Salad.


Kim’s Harvest Chicken Salad, hold the chicken and cheese and sub avocado.

The laughter was loud and obnoxious, the food was great, and we all were very pleased with our meals.  And then we went to Goodwill, where Gretchen found this:


Rock n roll!


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