Meet Our Summer Intern, Lauren!

Posted by Lauren Morrow


Today was my first day as an intern for Downtown Fresno Partnership. Despite still getting used to the California heat and my nose still getting used to the Fresno air (lots of sneezes today), I’ve enjoyed learning about the Mall area, the events that will be put on during my time here and the high-spirited co-workers I’m lucky to have.

I got to watch a building get demolished, shake a lot of peoples hands, learn the ropes of the office and even meet the mayor, although I did not know that I was meeting the mayor at the time when she modestly introduced herself to me as Ashley.

I enjoyed walking around downtown and seeing the different places and people. So far my time in Fresno has been great and I think that the downtown can be great as well. I’m looking forward to learning everything I can and having a lot of fun helping put on wonderful events downtown!


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  1. Welcome to Fresno, Lauren. Hope you enjoy your stay and maybe even stay on.

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