A Shrinking Footprint and Green Design in Downtown Fresno

Posted by Cole Judge


Government agencies have a large presence in Downtown Fresno and provide downtown with the largest hub of government employees in the city. This trend continues as the Government Services Administration (GSA) Strong Cities Strong Communities team (SC2) team recently announced that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will be moving by May 2014 to their new office in Downtown Fresno at 1255 Fulton Mall. This field office is currently under design and will house approximately 65 employees. USCIS will serve the public at this new location by providing a variety of immigration services, including naturalization ceremonies to welcome new citizens.

The new space constitutes a downsizing from their current location, allowing for creative management in utilizing space. USCIS will be fully occupying the two story building of 25,000 usable square feet. The new lease location will maintain the USCIS as an anchor tenant in the Fulton Mall for the next ten to fifteen years.

USCIS and GSA are working with the landlord to design an environmentally sustainable office space that is projected to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for interior design and construction. The site selection of a 60+ year old building offers environmental savings by reusing an existing building rather than emitting CO2 with demolition and new construction.

This is an example of a larger employer adapting to locating in an urban area, downsizing to meet federal environmental guidelines, and investing in the future of downtown Fresno.



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