Delightful Venues Worth Checking Out

Posted by Pedro Urena

Hey friends,

We all enjoy eating great food don’t we? Well, I want to brag about a downtown café and I personally recommend. Parsley Garden Café is a good place to visit plus their prices are affordable and they have tasty breakfast and lunch food. By the way, if your agency has a business meeting they provide catering as well. Or you can simply order by phone and pick up.

On your behalf, I asked a worker why he recommends the café. He said that if you visit you’ll enjoy a friendly environment, fresh and delicious food, and you’ll be served quick. For a minute I thought to myself, “Wow, this is great, I need to share it!”


If you’re interested in daily specials check their Facebook page. They are located on Fulton Mall #1237, right next to Fresno Brewing Co. Monday – Friday, 8 – 2:30 p.m. So don’t wait any longer and make sure you visit Parsley Garden Café. Enjoy!

Now let me tell you about the Pacific Southwest Building. The building is located on Fulton Mall and it’s a marvelous building inside and out. You’ll need to visit to explore. Tour are available to the public, but go to their website and make an appointment. Take my word, this summer visit this historical building.


Charles Atikian, manager, said he likes the building because it has “unique characteristics” and there isn’t anything like this in town.

Just so you know, the building has a ballroom, a vault, there is office space and lofts are available. The Loft, beauty salon is also a venue you must visit here.


Many events take place in the building such as private and public meetings and conferences, photo shoots, weddings, Quinceanera celebrations, cultural and fundraising events, antenna space rent is available, and there is a special deal for nonprofit organizations located in downtown area.

Oh, and I’m very excited because Over the Edge will be in this building again. There is certainly no better place than to do this outdoor activity here. If interested, you’ll be able to rappel from the 15th floor of the building, Downtown Fresno’s most popular landmark! All proceeds will help fund the Downtown Ice Rink in December so the community can enjoy. For more information, check at:


And who doesn’t like Art hop? We all do, right? Well at least many people and I enjoy this event. Here’s an opportunity you can benefit from. If you’re an artist and would like to expose your artwork at the vault then contact David Holland, Event Coordinator.

One more thing, if you’re looking for a loft or you are interested in one, I’ve provided preview photos for you to view. IMG_20130422_142531 IMG_20130422_142551 IMG_20130422_142624

Lofts are available for lease $1400-1600, nice kitchen/restroom area and overall a good looking loft. Check these photos taken from one of the lofts, I love the Fresno view, don’t you?



There are also many great places at downtown and I can explain and go on and on, but a retail store you should visit is MISC Trading Co. Many people in downtown area like this store including myself. I always find things I like plus the staff is friendly and they’ll take care of your needs.


Dress affordable, dress in style, and feel good like you want, whether you need a hot dress for an evening night out or a pair of earrings for your out fit, look sharp and leave an impression!


The spring is here and its time to dress in style, will you? Alvaro Romero, owner, shared a few tips to think about. He recommends wearing bold green and blue this spring, you’ll stand out and look good. For example, check this lovely handbag, it can be yours!


For accessories, keep in mind a vintage belt or a pair of sunglasses, he said they’re “practical” and you can purchase at MISC.


A must have item from MISC is a one of a kind jewelry. Take a look at these different ones, very appealing. IMG_20130420_120446

He said it’s guaranteed you’ll find something “unique,” but most importantly something you’ll like.

And you must be wondering, how is MISC different from other stores?

MISC is a one of a kind store because they are serious about recycling, serious for true vintage, offer great style and design for a small fraction, all items are selected and they pay close attention of what goes into the store.

Aren’t they a great store? Well, it gets even better because they also buy clothing. Yes, if clothes are well treated take it to MISC. Plus, they are open to partner up with other retail stores/restaurants too. In my opinion, this is such a good opportunity. So if you have ideas don’t hesitate to talk to Alvaro. Good luck!

Emily Samulka and Michelle Wong, staff at MISC are lovely and very helpful. For Samulka it has been a good experience to work at MISC because she always meets people who are passionate about downtown. She has enjoyed meeting new people and most of all work with Alvaro who is a great person and is always willing to assist his customers.

MISC also gives artists the opportunity to expose their artwork in the store. They will work with emerging artists, jewelry makers, photographers and anyone who is interested.

Feeling curious to visit MISC? If so, visit when you’d like and shop local. Check their Facebook page, & follow at instagram. Don’t forget to shop during Art Hop, they offer good deals!



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