Restaurant of the Week: DiCiccos

Posted by DFP Staff

This week our tummies took us to DiCiccos.  If you’ve been in Fresno for any length of time, chances are you’ve eaten at one of the many DiCiccos locations in town, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret.  This one is the best.

It’s not just because it’s the original, or because we’re biased just based on the location- though that does help.  The food is simply amazing.  The service is great and fast, we were able to eat a full Italian meal in under an hour without feeling rushed out of there or like we had to shovel the food in at record speed. It’s in the timing, within seconds of being seated our drinks were ordered, bread was on the table and by the time the drinks came out our waitress was ready to take our orders.  We weren’t ready for her!  Well, Kim was.  She’s the one who goes all the time- as a matter of fact, when she checked in on Foursquare she stole the Mayorship.

Food was ordered, conversation was fun and the place was busy.  Often times when you go out for lunch, a busy restaurant means you’ll be working late to make up for the extra food time.  Not here.  The food came out right as we’d set our salad forks down!

The ambiance is fun too.  The restaurant is everything you’d want out of an Italian eatery, the crooner songs playing, the coz, family atmosphere.  There’s a patio outside with geraniums and roses- you almost forget you’re in the middle of the city.  The bar has a sign over the door that says “The Office” and each booth has a stained glass window with a different football team on it.  You can even get a sense of the family history with a wonderful photo of Frank Vitucci on the wall near the kitchen.  Actually, just do yourself a favor and click this link to read more about the family.

DiCiccos was a delicious lunch break, check out what we had and head on down when you get a chance.


The bread is out of this world.  Pro tip: ask for a bowl of their garlic balsamic to dip it into.


Gretchen’s ravioli.


Rocio’s fettuccine alfredo.


Kim’s spaghetti mushrooms.


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