Disc Golfer Drop In

Posted by Kim Schoelen

It was a typical Thursday in the DFP office, the ambassadors were all meeting for their weekly lunch with Kate and I had a big pile of paper waiting to be cut into post cards, stamped and sent out in the world.  Usually when I see people looking in our door  I prepare my “Social Security is next door.  No, don’t worry it happens all the time” speech- most of our drop in visitors mistake our door for theirs.  Not this time though, A man in a bright blue shirt holding a disc (or as everyone knows it, a Frisbee) came in, smiled at me and asked if I could help him take a photo.  All I had to do was make a sign that said “Quiet” for the Renzi sculpture, Yokuts Indian to hold.


I never back down from an adventure and I knew there was more to this than just a random dude making strange requests. Turns out our visitor was Larry Kirk, Disc Golf Ambassador.  He’s known in the disc golf world for playing in all 50 states, not just once or twice but three times.  He’s about to take it on a fourth time- and this his most ambitious ever- 50 states in 50 days.  Because’s he’s served in the Air Force for 30 years (and here in Fresno in the 144th Fighter Wing) he’s working it out to be able to accomplish this challenge starting in August, leading up to the United States Disc Golf Championship in October.  It’s all to promote the game of disc golf.

Larry’s enthusiasm was contagious so I created a sign, which he explained to me people hold during Disc Golf games and we went out to make his fun photo happen.  He set up the goal just in front of the sculpture and I went from Office Manager to photographer.  He takes photos like this frequently, all part of his plan to spread the word about his favorite pastime.  He’s taken several in downtown, as I’d discovered by checking out his Facebook912323_3031940332983_495674038_n


You can follow Larry’s adventures on his website Soldiering on for Disc Golf and his Youtube, I know that I’ll be.  Thanks for brightening my day by dropping by our office, Larry!


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