Restaurant of the Week- Fajita Fiesta

Posted by DFP Staff

Yum, just the name of Fajita Fiesta is enough to make you salivate- who doesn’t love fajitas.  Or fiestas?  We love fiestas! We love fajitas! I mean, c’mon.  It’s bound to be a winner.


Another quiet day at the office meant that Kim and Rocio were the dineamic duo for Restaurant of the Week today.  As we greedily were digging into our chips and salsa (That salsa was GOOD) Kim’s dad called seeing what she was up to.  He and his co-worker Nick were out on a bike ride on their lunch, so they rode over to meet up for lunch as well, doubling our group in size.  Let’s put this into perspective, too.  We drove from a short distance away, they RODE from Jensen and Cherry.  They earned their lunch for sure!


The inside has a great atmosphere, bright colors and very upbeat.  In the time we were there it filled up nicely- clearly Fajita Fiesta is a lunchtime favorite for many people working downtown!

And check out what we got:


Nick gives his Chicken Ensalada Fiesta a thumbs up. Look at that presentation, we all ooh-ed and aaaaah-ed.


Rocio’s Enchiladas Fiesta was delectable.  Three enchiladas, each with a different meat.  It’s perfect if you can’t decide.


Kenny’s Caldo Xochilt was just as tasty as it looked.  A soup with chicken breast, avocado and pico de gallo.


Again, Kim the vegan ordered something not on the menu- Vegetarian Fajitas!  They were great- if you want to order them vegan they’ll make them without the butter and they also offer whole beans!

Be sure to ask for the spicy salsa too, it was super good- though very hot!

See you next week at DiCiccos!


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