Restaurant of the Week: Sushi Hana

Posted by DFP Staff


This week we went of one of our office faves, Sushi Hana.  We had us a good scare for a little while there when a sign appeared on their window saying they were about to close their doors.  No, seriously.  We’re talking instant staff meeting, everyone dropped what they were working on and with dry-erase markers flying we brainstormed ideas on how we can support our restaurants better. It led to the creation and implementation of monthly restaurant-only meetings which we’ve gotten great feedback from.   And then the sign came down, they took a vacation and our sushi haunt was stayed open.  Check out what we had today.


Gretchen’s Seaweed Salad.


Kim’s Veggie Rolls.


Kate’s Seared Tuna Roll.


Rocio’s Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll.


Mitch’s Tempura Vegetables and Shrimp Plate


Awesome bathroom art.

And of course, our conversations were wild.  Maybe you should join us next week so you can see just how wild they can get. (Hint, this is our second lunch spent talking about human taxidermy.  Not even kidding.  Actually, please join us so that we don’t end up on that topic again.  Thanks.)

Next week we descend upon Los Panchos.  See you there!


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