Rainy Days and Wednesdays Always Get Me Down

Posted by DFP Staff

That’s two song-title influenced blog names in a row.  We’re on a roll.

But to the meat of the matter- today is looking like it’ll be a rainy one.  The clouds are dark, the umbrellas are out and at the ready and we’re prepared for whatever may come, a spring shower or a downright downpour.

Fear not, friends- the sunshine will return soon!  However until it does, to get you through the gloomy weather one of our Information Ambassadors, JaQueline Shabazz, took this snap yesterday of the lovely sunny day on the Fulton Mall.


The great news?  Rain is only in the forecast through Friday.  Saturday’s Open Brewhouse event at Tioga-Sequoia looks like it’ll be a beautifully sunny day for enjoying local music, food trucks and (duh) local beer from Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company.  Don’t miss this event!


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