Becoming a New Member of Downtown Fresno’s Food Scene

Posted by Chef Justin Dukes


Wow! What a whirlwind it has been since closing a 10,000 square foot restaurant and kitchen in May 2012 and moving to a 2,500 square foot sandwich shop (Dukes Downtown Sandwiches) next to Grizzlies Stadium.

I’d like to start by thanking everyone in Fresno’s downtown business community for welcoming us with open arms and hungry tummies.  Since the first article highlighted in the Bee about us being downtown’s newest eatery, everyone has kept their patronage and kept us smiling through the first half year in business.

I’m looking forward to 2013 being a wonderful transition year for us to get acclimated to your lunch needs.  In addition to our normal menu of cold and hot sandwiches we have answered your requests and have begun offering a half pound burger in Tommy’s memory.  Now being located next to the forever famous Coney Island location we have introduced a line of quarter pound hot dogs with your choice of toppings.  We have also previewed a highly requested Hot Pastrami sandwich to rave reviews.


I’m really looking forward to March bringing The Great Fresno Food Expo.  In April’s blog I will review my experiences at the Expo.  In future blogs I will cover Cart Hop and as many of Downtown’s eateries as possible with pictures and highlights of my experiences

I would like to conclude with a huge thank you to Downtown Fresno Partnership, its residents and business community for the continued support.  I would love to share a conversation so stop by for a bite and chat.

Until next time…




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  1. I know where this is but do not know the name of the place. Also, does the restaurant have a Twitter or FB?

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