A Valentine to Downtown Fresno

Posted by Kim Schoelen


I’m the wide-eyed office newbie.  I started on the last week of October just before Halloween, because I was only two days into my new job I was faced with the dilemma of to-costume or not-to-costume. I decided to play it safe and wore only a cat headband.

It was tough though, I love holidays.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day all got swallowed up in the busyness of the Downtown Fresno Ice Rink season so even though I tried to bring in the holiday spirit by placing a 1 foot tall live Christmas tree in the conference room (dead by New Year’s Day, sadly.  I’m an office manager, not a horticulturalist) it wasn’t up to my usual standards.

In January I dubbed myself the Administrator of Office Spirit- you know exactly who I’m talking about because every office has one.  I’m the obnoxious person who interrupts meetings to get people to sign birthday cards. I’m the one who does toe-touches when pallets of “I Believe in Downtown Fresno” mugs get delivered.  Some days I require a sing along to Billy Joel of people before they can actually get any work done.  I’d like to note that this was not in my job description when I was hired, I absorbed these duties because they’re essential to how smoothly an office functions.  I should get a raise for my selfless sacrifice.

Anyway, long story longer, I was in a dead sleep one night and I sat up straight in my bed and proclaimed “There will be valentines written by the masses declaring their unwavering devotion to Downtown Fresno and they will be on display for everyone to see.” and then after quickly jotting the note in my phone I crashed out again.

Fast forward: After begging Kate to put people’s love letters on our office windows, she agreed- but only after groaning a little bit. V-day is not her favorite holiday.  I get the sense that this is why I was hired, doing the dirty, glittery jobs no one wants to do.  So a craft station was arranged at Twee Boutique to run during Art Hop.

So, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: The Valentines.

It was a rainy night which had me worried, but just after Art Hop started rolling I realized that I didn’t need to fret at all.  The thing I love best about Fresno is that Fresnans don’t shy away from doing what they want just because of a few raindrops.  We’re really into our arts and culture and we make these things a priority.  I even had one woman who told me the only reason she put on shoes and a jacket today was to come out and make a valentine.  That’s love, folks!

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The love is strong, folks!  If you want to add your own valentine to our windows, drop it by our office before V-Day!



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  1. Love your heart, Kim 🙂

  2. too cool! wish i’d know about it! keep up the great work

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