A blog, you say?

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Why a blog?

Well, we’re all down here every day.  Seriously, on any given day of the week you can find a Downtown Fresno Partnership person somewhere downtown.  It’s just what we do.  We’re devoted to this place, we love it.  On our days off we still find ourselves venturing to our familiar turf rather than high-tailing it as far away from “work” as possible.  Yeah, those quotation marks were put there to make you wonder about the word work and how it relates to what we do.  Most of us have never felt like it’s work, this is what we love.  We’d probably be doing it even if we didn’t have business cards.

Wine with the DFP team after a long hard day of shopping during our #jinglehop event
Wine with the DFP team after a long hard day of shopping during our #jinglehop event

So we’re bringing you a blog that will share our experiences in Downtown Fresno.  All of our voices will be represented and with that all of our very different perspectives and stories of Downtown Fresno.

Oh, and we’re a lot of fun.  We needed somewhere to publicly share our office shenanigans.

Speaking of office shenanigans... we couldn't resist having some fun when the new security signs came in!
Speaking of office shenanigans… we couldn’t resist having some fun when the new security signs came in!

As a big old thank you to our readers, we’re having a contest!  Leave a comment letting us know what you’d like to hear about in a blog about Downtown Fresno and we’ll randomly select 4 winners to get a “Best of 2012” surprise prize pack.  Packs may include Sudz in the City pint glasses, t-shirts, stickers- it’s a mystery, but they will be rather awesome.

Update 2/4/2013:

You’re all winners! The comments were all great and gave us a good sense of what our readers would like to see, so how could we choose really.  Congrats to Tanisha Waggoner, Sara Bosse, Luke Moritz, Kristy Page, Kristin Johnson, Candace Winkler, James Sinclair, Rochelle, and DKZody!  Check your inbox for an e-mail from us and thank you for your feedback!



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  1. Would love to hear stories about the people who populate downtown. Not the places, but the people. Why are they there? What do they love about downtown? What do they dislike? What would make them happier there?

  2. How do you change the perception of the “classic” Fresnans who still believe that security and crime issues exist and won’t go to see your efforts?

    • Hopefully in this blog, as with many of our other efforts, people will start seeing the sunny-side of Downtown. Working against perception is quite a task since it’s not always grounded in fact, but it is one we’re glad to take on and tell all about it in our blog. Nothing makes for better reading than a good old gritty challenge.

  3. I’d like tours of the inside of the old buildings. If you cant open them to the public, then post pictures on the blog.

  4. What is the mission of the Partnership? What are your goals for 2013? What does a snippet of a day at “work” look like for you guys?

  5. I think what I would like to hear about is the revitalization of downtown Fresno. Also since I am a foodie I am all for hearing about the new restaurants, food trucks, etc. coming to downtown Fresno.

  6. I wish there were guided tours of the murals downtown. Are there any plans for developing this?

  7. New places, old places, things that will get me (and everyone) else Downtown. If someone doesn’t work downtown, it’s hard to know which Restaurants are open late enough for dinner, let alone still open. News and updates.

  8. I heart downtown baby.

  9. I would like to know: How can the agricultural pride that once was Fresno be re-ignited Also, what other industries are blossoming in downtown?

  10. Just stumbled upon the blog today and I must say, it’s really refreshing and exciting to see such enthusiasm for our downtown! I’m really glad to have found this, and look forward to reading your posts! Thanks!!!

  11. Oh, and if it’s not too late to get a “prize pack”, I’d like to see blogs on downtown apartments and homes, their histories, range of prices on them and how residents like living there. I’ve always wondered whether any of those tall old buildings were being rented out to tenants?? If not, what are they used for? Anyway, thanks again for your great work!

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